For the past 10 years teams of students, families, and individuals have come to Oak Park to serve and to experience God in a new way.  In times of turmoil and racial injustice we believe that God’s heart for the poor and those oppressed stands strong, and His love makes a difference in our lives, and city.  We are His hands and feet, and through acts of Mercy, Justice, and Love we live out the call that  God has placed on each of our lives.

During your time here, you will experience our Prayer Tour where you will learn about what we call the “Ghetto Ecosystem” where we have several stops that teach about systemic roots of poverty and brokenness that often dwell in impoverished communities.  You will also experience the hope, resiliency, and the beautiful culture of an urban community which is why we have chosen to make this our home.  Dinner at a local taco shop, the smells and sounds of the city that are full of pain, strive and yet such beauty. Groups will serve in several capacities, including homeless outreach, work projects, children’s ministry and community outreach events. Jr. high, High school, and Young Adult groups are invited.

Urban Encounters are short-term (1 day to 1 week) overnight group missions/serving experiences, hosted by City of Refuge Sacramento, in the heart of our city. Participants will arrive and stay at our City of Refuge Resource Center, travel to various locations around the urban core of our city, and get a glimpse into the heart of the work that is happening through so many great people in marginalized and under-resourced communities and be challenged to take what they learn back with them to their communities. They also will be required to perform various tasks which may include, but are not limited to: cleaning, walking, yard work, painting, homeless outreach, working with local neighborhood children and youth, light lifting, sports activities, and various other moderate physical activities, all with the aim to give everyone that attends a chance to see God’s Heart for the city.


Registration Information:

-Registration must be handled by someone from your group who can help facilitate logistical and administrative portions of the Urban Encounter prior to your arrival in Sacramento. (Youth Leader, Teacher, Parent…)

-Cost is $25 per day and an additional $35 per overnight. There is a $20 non-refundable registration fee per person (due at time of registration). Balance due upon arrival. Cost covers lodging, project/ministry materials, and meals.

-A pre-trip sight visit (or phone call for out of state groups) is required before arrival of group. UE admin will set up the pre-visit with your group leader after registration and deposit is received.

-Typical Group size min of 10-50 (Jr. High though Adult) unless prior notice is given at preview meeting with Urban Encounter Host and Group leader. Groups must have one paying adult per every 8 minors.

-Group numbers must be confirmed no later than 2 weeks prior to visit.

-Partial Day Attendees must be confirmed prior to arrival…a fee per meal will be assessed depending upon how long partial attendee stays.

-Groups will sleep on the ground at the City of Refuge Resource Center. A sleeping bag and air-mattress or cot is highly recommended.

-Showers will be available every other day, unless special circumstances require. A rotation and time for showers will be explained at the orientation on your first day.